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סטרטאפ בתחום פיתוח רחפנים מגיסים Skylines Robotics :


We are looking for problem-solvers and team players with a can-do attitude to life and work, a
passion for learning and a deep desire to grow personally and professionally. And the unique
opportunity to put your creativity to use by crafting algorithms from scratch and significantly
impacting the product

● Develop complex computer vision algorithms with soft real time performance
● Develop and maintain SLAM algorithms
● Research algorithmic techniques that apply to our field
● Work with the latest sensors in the field of CV

דרישות המישרה

● Must be
○ At least 3 years of hands-on experience with C++ and Python
○ Proven experience in Computer Vision, algorithms development, 3D mapping
and reconstruction
● Bonus
○ Practical experience in PCL and Cuda
○ BSc or MSc in Computer Science or comparable degree
○ Published papers in relevant field