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Who we are:
Curiosity Robotics is an awesome new startup developing a smart and interactive Robot-Toy for teaching
toddlers, starting with English as a Second Language. We have an excellent background and
partnerships in Robotics, AI & Algorithms, and teaching kids English.
We’re going to create something new and disruptive, revolutionizing education from the earliest possible
age! Join us if you love: education, robots, toys, kids, and innovation and you wish to be a part in making
an impact:)
Job Description
We are looking for a Product Manager (PM) that will join at the earliest stage of product design,
prototyping, testing and improving. The PM will have to work closely with all parts of our product: robotics,
AI, industrial and digital design, child and language development. The role is very diverse and critical in
this very early stage of our development.
Duties and Responsibilities
● Learn and aggregate information from all stake holders, costumers, and experiment results, and
conclude them to insights to be used to make our first product great.
● Analyze users (toddlers and caregivers) interaction and language learning and translate
conclusions to product features.
● Lead and manage the product design: industrial designer, animator, content production, UX & UI,
and more.
● Lead experiments of our product and features in different settings and stages of development.

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Requirements and Qualifications
● 3+ years of experience in Product Management.
● Proven ability to manage a complete product life-cycle, from conception to product.
● Experience with EdTech\Children Tech\Consumer Electronics –advantage.
● Early stage startup growth experience – advantage.
● Fast learner in very diverse fields.
● Critical thinker and problem-solving skills.
● Team player, Great interpersonal and communication skills.
● Creativity and educational spirit are must.