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סטרטאפ בתחום פיתוח רחפנים מגיסים Skylines Robotics :
● Create, lead, develop and improve the brain of our robots
● Maintain high quality code by writing units, integration tests and automation
● Participate in project design, contribute technical insights and ideas with the power to
impact our products
Who we are:
Skyline Robotics believes that people are more than robots, that is why, starting with window
cleaning, we aim to automate all types of work at heights. Our first product Ozmo, the robot
window cleaner, combines artificial intelligence, computer vision and decades of advanced
robotic control.

דרישות המישרה

● Must be
○ At least 5 years experience with C++11
○ Hands-on experience with Linux
● Bonus
○ Embedded & Soft real time